Full Support for Education from PolerPlast

We contribute to the development of the Turkish automotive industry with the trainings we offer under the umbrella of PolerPlast Academy.

With more than 35 years of experience, it supports the development of the sector with the vocational training it offers. We aim to raise the standard of the services offered in the sector by providing trainings to the employees of the automotive after-sales market. With the trainings it provides within the PolerPlast Academy, it provides information that sector employees need, from innovations of products and brands to tricks aimed at increasing safety and performance.

Brand and Product Trainings In-House Trainings Dealer Development Trainings Quality Control Trainings R&D And Innovation Trainings
As the PolerPlast family, to reinforce the sense of belonging of our personnel and dealers to the PolerPlast brand, to continue the trainings on creating brand and product awareness with a sense of unity and solidarity, starting with the quality understanding of dozens of products we produce, advancing within a certain discipline and transferring the corporate values of the company to future generations. is among the priority issues for PolerPlast. PolerPlast owes its ever-rising graphic in terms of its establishment and operation to the development of its white-collar and blue-collar personnel. Because individuals who develop themselves as the PolerPlast family are the indispensable cornerstones of a constantly developing and changing institution. In this direction, the PolerPlast family attaches importance to personnel development with regular and regular in-service trainings. Our company is very meticulous about the careful selection and training of our dealers who represent the PolerPlast brand both at home and abroad. Because the quality of the products produced is as important as the fact that these products can be brought together with the end consumer through the right channel. For this reason; One of our main goals is to contribute to the fact that all our dealers, who have been representing us on various platforms for years, receive regular training and follow the developments in the sector closely. One of the most important features of PolerPlast branded products is that the quality of each product is appreciated by the whole world. The most important factor in achieving this success of PolerPlast, which has managed to be the leading company in its sector for years, is to check each product coming off the production line one by one in the quality control laboratories and to send the products that pass these tests successfully to the final consumer. In this direction, the training of our personnel serving in quality control laboratories is also very important for the protection of our quality and brand value. Being aware of the importance of the products it produces in human life, PolerPlast always keeps its desire to achieve the better that it has pursued for years, and continues its goal of achieving the better of the best. In this direction, it has adopted the principle of providing the best service to both its employees and customers by establishing the largest and most advanced R&D laboratory in the region in its factory in Konya Organized Industrial Zone in 2017.
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