POLERPLAST door systems, which creates resistance against impact, with profile wall thickness and design technique formed by the chamber partition connections.

  1. It is suitable for all glass thicknesses from 4 mm to 36 mm and for use in blinds.
  2. It provides sound insulation up to 40 decibels with its acoustic glass option.
  3. It provides high water tightness thanks to its design that facilitates water drainage.
  4. Thanks to the applicability of the hinge support sheet, sagging of the wings is prevented.
  5. Aesthetic integrity is provided to the profile with its special structure and shape of the molding structure.
  6. Specially designed 2-stage sealing system is absolutely air and watertight.
  7. Offers different insulation solutions with single, double and triple Glazing Beads.
  8. It provides excellent thermal insulation with 6 chambered casing.
  9. Extra-impact added, uniquely white smooth and shiny surface that withstands sun rays and wind.
  10. The wall thickness of your profile, as well as the number of chambers, provides resistance to impact as a wide chamber support sheet and a moment of inertia.
  11. Sealed molding profile with self-curtains that complements the interior decoration provides insulation.

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